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CGI Wins Exclusive Worldwide License for Wick’em® Bra Liner

January 12, 2012 — Coconut Grove Intimates announced today that they have been granted an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture, market, sell and distribute Wick’em® Bra Liners.

“We selected Coconut Grove Intimates as our partner based on their outstanding history in the market and are very pleased to watch them build the business for a product we are so passionate about,” said Donna Frye, President, Wick’em. “Coconut Grove will be taking over the website and all manufacturing and distribution to boost the presence of Wick’em in the marketplace.”


Wick’em® Bra Liners

Wick’em® Bra Liners are specially designed to absorb moisture and prevent skin irritation caused by moisture buildup and digging bra bands. These liners work by pulling perspiration away from the skin and into the cotton fill. In addition to their moisture management capabilities, these liners create a cushioning layer between a woman’s skin and their bra band for a more comfortable bra wearing experience. The Sensitive Skin Wick’em® works best for women who need super soft cushioning as well as perspiration absorption, and for women who need more absorption, there is the Moisture Management Wick’em®.  These liners will be available for purchase through these e-tailers (herroom.com, kohl’s.com, and lanebryant.com) and at select retailers throughout North America and the United Kingdom as of February 20, 2012.


Coconut Grove Intimates

About Coconut Grove Pads, Inc.  (DBA Coconut Grove Intimates)

As an industry leader in the development of solution-oriented bras and bra accessories, Coconut Grove Intimates created its first patented adhesive bra which redefined the way women dress. Since its conception, Coconut Grove Intimates has supplied the apparel industry, fashion stylists and women worldwide with unique solution bras and bra accessories. Over the course of two decades, the product range has evolved to include over 50 additional products to accommodate women’s styling needs. View the complete catalogue at www.thenatural.ca.