Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about the new Wick’em® Bra Liners!


Pamela, TX

I just bought my first Wickem liner yesterday at Lane Bryant.  I am at radiation treatment number 19 for breast cancer.  I went in looking for something to make my DD’s feel better.  I had no idea your product existed and was thrilled when I found it.  My skin has been breaking down and  I had been placing strips of tshirt material under my breast to try to keep the skin dry.  I live in central Texas and we have had many over 100 degree days and I was changing several times a day to keep my skin dry.
It was heaven this morning when I placed your product under my bra.  It has a very gentle soft feel and I like that it goes around to the sides to help under the sides.  I showed my radiation techs at treatment today and they are very excited and wrote down the info to give to other ladies with the same problem.
Just wanted to say thank you!

Joyce, MN

I love my four wick’ems and wear them every day, everywhere.  At the Tampa airport everyone goes through a body scan.  When I started to walk out of the scan the attendent told me to stop and proceeded to feel around my breast.  I realized she thought my wick’em could be a smuggling attempt.  All went well but on my return flight I made sure I had removed my wick’em before getting into the security line. You may want to alert your customers of the possibility of being further searched.

Snow, NC

Man! I had a rash to beat all rashes under my breasts and it wasn’t improving.  I had tried everything I could think of including a prescription cream which helped somewhat, but I could never seem to get rid of this rash.  I saw these bra liners on a TV show and thought, how on earth could these help?  Well, I’d tried everything else, so why not give these a try?  I purchased them and now, I’m rash free!!!  All summer long and no rash– I ask you – how great is that?!  Would I recommend them to anyone that has a problem with rashes under their breasts?  You BET!  They not only took care of my rash problem, but now my bras actually fit more comfortably — who could ask for more?

Sheila, KY

Your wick’em was an answer to a prayer for me. This summer – I live in KY and it can get very hot and humid, I had a rash under one breast. I’m a nurse and I knew that would be a problem. I am also latex sensitive and elastic against my skin (like from a bra) can cause problems….+The wick’em solved both the perspiration and the latex problems! It took a little practice to get it on right, but after that it was wonderful… I always order the bamboo, works very well.